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General terms Warranty:

As certified installers of the products that we offer, we make a special point to combine our warranties with the warranties that our manufacturers offer.  For example, we cover any damage under the standard conditions (see below) for the time specified; but, with the manufacturer's warranty, your roof's material and labor will be covered for 20 years (on average).

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The duration of the extended coverage depends on the particular product that's installed; some of the manufacturer/product warranties can be found on the columns on either side of this page.

A combined warranty's benefit:

1. Please read if you selected prduct offer free or paid combianed warranty. Free warranty example Truslate). Paid warranty example Englert 4 levels or warranties)

2. Largest bennefit of combined warranties

Prior to the manufacturer's waranty issuance, an independent 3rd party inspects and documents the installation. Strict guidelines are followed.

Leska workmanship warranty alone is minimally 5 years; however, most systems are covered with a 10 year warranty.

What does Leska workmanship warranty cover?

We guarantee that we will closely follow the manufacturer's installation manuals and procedure; any deviations from this resulting in a leak will be repaired at our expense. Again, being certified with over 40 manfuacturers speaks highly of our commintmnet to outstanding workmanship warranty and also training provided to the team. 

Please note that a mechanically broken product, even by freeze-thaw is considered a natural cause. Lightning, acts of nature, snow slides, and and falling limbs causing roof damages are not covered under this warranty: there is no warranty to cover for exogenic damage. Adhesive or silicone is expected to last 5 years. Also note that any silicone seal will require maintenance and periodical re-selaing. Leska follows the silicone manufacturer's guidelines.

Maintenance pakages:

Leska also offers maintenance programs as gutter cleaning and untrained human traffic on the roof is the most likely source of damages. This is very comon practice for commercial and public projects. Please read carefully also manufacture warranty as many system (especially Flat Roofing sytems do require to have maintence palns in place as part of the manfacture warranty)


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Further Information


Material warranty is available on manufacturer web site. Manufacture does warranty each product. Leska is not responsible for any material defect. Any problems with product itself will be resolved between manufacture & client. 

Standard Conditions 

Leska guarantees you to fix any leak caused by improper installation of or flashing per period specified.

  • Tile roofs 5 years
  • Metal roofs 5 years
  • Shake roofs 5 years
  • Copper roofs 10 years
  • Synthetic roofs 5 years

Leska will fix the resulting damages (e.g.  panels, tiles, shakes, slates, plywood, underlayment, rafters, etc.) if needed. Leska will use best practices possible, i.e., eliminating use of caulk or
silicone unless absolutely necessary. As specified in MHIC Leska is liable to fix a leak at its source, but is not liable for damages caused by this leak.

Mechanical Damage

Any mechanical damage caused by broken branch, hail, hurricanes & tornadoes or acts of nature is not covered by Leska warranty or material warranty by manufacture.
Manufacture is stating that curling will not happened etc. More directly on manufacture warranty card.

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