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There are other products on the market that attempt at boral's success with the ClayMax tile, but all fall short. The ClayMax tile is an amazing piece of engineering coupled with a beautiful design.  At just 590lbs/square, this all natural clay tile is perfect even ro replacing an asphalt roof! Boral, the tile's manufacturer, does all of their production in California, but even with the cross-country shipping, the tile will still end up costing less than Ludowici's lightweight tiles.

Just because we're such big fans of the ClayMax tile, that doesn't mean we don't install other lightweight tiles. At Leska, we make a point to cater to each customer's specific needs and preferences, so if your home or tastes demand a different lightweight tile, we'll go over the options with you to get you the best roof.

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Standard Red Madera
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 El Camino  Newport
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