How it Works

The Nu-lok™ fastening system is a brand new approach to slate roof installation.  It weighs just 6lbs/sqft so it can be easily installed in place of an asphalt roof without any structural reinforcement needed! It also requires no traditional slate roofing techniques to install. And, did we mention, the Nu-Lok system is entirely solar compatible? See the step-by-step description of how it all works below:

Nu Lok overview


1)  Water-proof Membrane

Waterproof membrane NuLokThe Nu-lok™ fastening system starts with a waterproof membrane installed over the plywood deck. 



2) Batten Installation

Nu-lok battensOnce the membrane is installed, counter battens are nailed perpendicular to the roof eave, directly into the rafters. Counter battens elevate the Nu-lok system above the deck and for ventilation

3) Galvalume Battens

Galvalume BattensGalvalume battens are then laid horizontally, across the counter battens and parallel to the eave. The horizontal battens are fastened with galvanized nails through both the counter battens and plywood deck into rafters.

4) Link Channels

Link Channles

With the battens nailed down and starting at any row on the roof, link channels are positioned and locked into the upward facing flange on the battens.

5) Single overlap details

Single overlap detailsThe link channel eliminates the need for horizontal overlap between slates. Each link channel spans the horizontal gap between the two slates it supports, catching water and conducting it onto the center of the slate below.

6) Slate installation

Slate Installation Nu LokSlates are then placed on the link channels and centered. The front edge of each slate is slotted into the stainless-steel retaining clip. When correctly positioned, the two front corners of each slate are suspended and centered over the link channel.

7) Continued installation

Continued slate installation Nu Lok

The next slate is then butted against the one next to it, and secured at the corner by a stainless steel clip. The process is repeated to complete a horizontal course. Another course is then started, working up the roof, by locking the next row of link channels into place. Each row of link channels also secures the top of the slates in the row below. No nails are used.

The stainless steel clip serves as the fastener in the Nu-lok suspension system. The clips are black oxidized, and while visible up close, their non-reflective black color and low-profile design make them nearly undetectable from the ground. Clips are inserted into the link channels at the job site before loading on the roof.