Why Slate Tec?


As with all slate roofs, longevity is the key word.  Slate roofs will last over 100 years so installing a slate Tec roof will be the last time you have to replace your roof in your life!

vari width resized 600Personality:

Now, not only is slate a long-lasting roof material, but it is absolutely beautiful.  Slate Tec takes advantage of slate's beauty and brings it a step further with one awesome difference: Vari-width Slates.  Changing the distance that each individual slate hangs down breaks up the straight rows that cut along asphalt roofs and gives your roof character and individuality.

Single Overlap:Barrier resized 600

Until recently, slate roofs, if they had to be installed on a roof that once had shingles, needed expensive and time-consuming structural improvements.  Slate Tec allows Leska to install a slate roof with a much lower pound per square foot ratio, allowing nearly any roof to accept a beautiful slate upgrade.

Waterproofing resized 600Slate Tec Interlayment:

To solve the problem of roof weight, Slate Tec's engineers created a recyclable high-tech polymer interlayment.  This membrane not only allows for the single overlap construction as mentioned above, but it provides the homeowner a second barrier against the elements.  Occasionally, a slate may break, and in this case, without the recyclable high-tech polymer interlayment, you will, without a doubt, get a leak. However, with the recyclable high-tech polymer interlayment, this second line of defense could save you! 

Slate Tec Ratings:

Slate Tec's roofs preform very well in severe conditions.  Check the chart below for their scores!

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