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We are offering entire range of siding, cladding and rain screen products. On our roofing or restoration jobs most of the time we end up removing few or replacing all siding from dormars etc. This gallery should manily focuss in specific siding jobs.

We offer following siding products: James Hardi siding, Nichiha cementcious siding, panels, thin venner bricks etc. Total wall EIFS and real hard coat stucco systems.

Cladding and Rainscreen are new and upcoming material for modern structures and building: Rhenzink, TCSII wall cladding, Atas wall panels, NBK, Prodema, Alucobond etc are few products we offer.

Traditionall roofing material goes on vertical surfaces: Standing seam metal roof is now being applied on walls vertically and horizontally. Same goes to many tile and slate products to which popularity to use them as wall cladding is again increasing. Think wall of roof dormer had hundreds of times same slate or tile product installed. Now architects are again revisiting those products for they waterproofing properties.

Atas Zinc titanium wall Cladding DC NW

Atas zinc titanium diamond shape tiles were used as rain screen siding. Large amount of wall cladding is also inside the enclosed porch combined with copper roof. Thin clear coat was applied over zinc tiles to prevent weathering and wash out into copper. Architect specified details.


ICF (Insulated concrete forms) exterior wall are perfect candidate fro EIFS acrylic stucco. Proper rasping, coat of base coat, mesh and finish color is all to give building finished stucco look. Leska also installed windows, stone parapets, Nu-lok slate roof with custom ridge skylight and metal roof over the 2 shed dormers.

James Hardi siding installed in Silver Spring MD

Hardi Siding was used to replace aluminum siding on the dormers and the front addition. All new copper step flashing and flashing will eat the aluminum siding. I thing the final result looks trully amazing in comparison to the old aluminum siding.

TOTAL WALL 3/4" hard coat stucco with Azek trims and James Hardi Siding on the back side

Total wall 3/4" hard coat stucco was installed on 3 sides of Leska LLC addition. Because customer wanted to have option to changes trim colors herself Azek PVC trim was installed around all doors and windows. Rear side have James Hardi horizontal siding installed.