We are offering entire range of siding, cladding and rain screen products. On our roofing or restoration jobs most of the time we end up removing few or replacing all siding from dormars etc. This gallery should manily focuss in specific siding jobs.

We offer following siding products: James Hardi siding, Nichiha cementcious siding, panels, thin venner bricks etc. Total wall EIFS and real hard coat stucco systems.

Cladding and Rainscreen are new and upcoming material for modern structures and building: Rhenzink, TCSII wall cladding, Atas wall panels, NBK, Prodema, Alucobond etc are few products we offer.

Traditionall roofing material goes on vertical surfaces: Standing seam metal roof is now being applied on walls vertically and horizontally. Same goes to many tile and slate products to which popularity to use them as wall cladding is again increasing. Think wall of roof dormer had hundreds of times same slate or tile product installed. Now architects are again revisiting those products for they waterproofing properties.  

Siding Options

Cementitious Siding

More commonly known as cement siding, is an industry standard for resedential and commercial buildings.  Because it is essentially a cement board mixed with cellulose fibers for added strength they offer the best of both worlds.  Being mostly cement, they will not rot or succumb to insect damage.  In addition to it's degredation resistance, cement siding is highly fire resistant and will not warp or fade over time.  These come with a 15 year warranty.

James Hardie Color Palate

Suppliers: James Hardie 

Cedar Siding

The natural beauty of cedar siding can easily go without introduction.  This intrinsic beauty makes it a prime choice for traditional or historic homeowners looking to remodel without losing the classic feeling that their home has.  To accentuate the rustic feel of cedar, staining is a great option.  Also, for anyone who is looking for an environmentally friendly option: keep in mind that because it is renewable and the production process has such a small effect on the environment, cedar siding is considered a green material.

Our Suppliers: Real Cedar


3/4' Stucco

 Stucco, while it is typically associated with western style homes, will blend with nearly any style to produce a beautiful finished product. A contributing factor to stucco's versatility is that it can be made to any color you might want for your home making it a good option for finishing any exterior wall.  Busy homeowners will also enjoy stucco because it will need little upkeep, an appealing feature to many hardworking homeowners.

Our Suppliers: Total Wall and Synergy



 Formally known as Exterior insulation and finishing system, Efis makes for a good alternative to stucco.  Like stucco, EFIS can be blended to match most any wall color desired and will match nearly all home styles with ease.  EFIS, compared to it's all natural counterpart has a few extra advantages.  First, EFIS is synthetic so it will need even less maintenance which will be nice for busy homeowners.  However, the biggest advantage is it's insulative property!  EFIS will give you an R-Value between 4 and 6 per inch.

Our Suppliers: Total Wall and Synergy 

Thin Veneer Brick

Thin veneer brick is a cosmetic outer layer added to a preestablished wall.  It does a stunning job of mimicing real brick and is a much more thrifty option than building a bull thickness brick wall around your house.  Another advantage of thin veneer brick is that it can easily be retrofitted making it very popular for remodeling or renovations.

Stone/Manmade Stone

Stone has similar advantages and disadvantages to thin veneer brick. However, where brick comes across a traditional siding, stone tends to have a more elegant appeal and fits more homes than brick siding will.

Our Suppliers: Eldorado Stone 

Rain Screens

Out of all the siding options Leska offers, Rain screens are the most practical.  It applies easily over damaged sections of wall, restoring them to their original weather resistance.  Rainscreens stand away from the wall's membrane to allow air to ventilate.  This ventilation prevents condensation in the small cavity and prevents water damage.  

Our Suppliers: Rheinzink