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About Quarrix

6 Tile Colors
  • Quarrix Composite Tile offers the look of traditional concrete and clay tiles without the heavy weight and installation challenges.
  • The advanced composite material will give you guaranteed long-term performance, adding unmatched value to your home.
  • Quarrix Composite Tiles are engineered to be one third the weight of most traditional concrete tiles, meaning they can be installed on existing homes and buildings without structural roof modifications.

Quarrix Tile

Quarrix Composite Tile is manufactured of High Density Polyethylene virgin resign as the base to the roofing product blended with fire retardant (made with recycled content) and UV stabilizers.

  • Fuel Efficiency – Quarrix Composite Tile is 67% less weight than natural concrete/clay tile equally the typical weight of shingles. Weight advantage means more square footage on a truckload, which requires less transportation per roof.
  • Manufacturing Process – Regrind plastic used in new products 10-20%.
    Reuse 100% of materials in plant (Drill tools and other parts)
    No in-process plastic from our plant goes into landfills.

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