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Brava Products

  • Brava Shake: more realistic than any other shake out there
    Brava Shake: more realistic than any other shake out there
  • Brava's standard, thin slate
    Brava's standard, thin slate
  • Example includes very different colors
    Example includes very different colors
  • more classic look with darker shades
    more classic look with darker shades
  • Brava Synthetic slate
    Brava Synthetic slate



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The RENOVAR process releases no pollutants and uses inorganic, naturally occuring dyes.  The advantage to these dyes is that once they are embedded in the tile, they will never fade (unlike even the toughtest man-made organic dyes).




Recycled Materials




Brava Roofing

In our opinion, there are threedescribe the image major aspects that seperate Brava from all other roofing manufacturers:

  • Blend- The tiles' colors are blended far more than standard composite roofing shakes, slates, or tiles.  This blend gives a much softer look on the roof, so natural that it is often mistaken for the natural material!
  • Accessories- To save material, when composite tiles are formed there is a relief in the underside which is normally covered. Except in the case of valleys and gables.  For these features, Brava makes special full-thickness tiles that will look like the real thing after it's cut.
  • Material Specific Features-  Brava has the most realistic tiles of any composite roof manufacturer for each surface
    • Slate- there is a thin and on inch thick, old world style profile
    • Shakes- vari-width shakes make for a natural pattern on the roof
    • Tile- Brava tiles are blended so well that on the roof they are almost indistinguishable from natural tiles

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Why choose us ?

  • Fully Insured/Bonded
  • Family Owned & Operated


  • 3rd Generation Craftsmen
  • European Quality