We specialize in Slate, Tile, Metal roofs with fully Integrated Solar options (PV & Thermal).

 Roofing By Leska LLC

This is one of our most recognized items. All our roofs have amazing flashing details around all penetrations (skylights, chimneys, valleys, dormers...). This is where most "Other" roofs end up with leaking roofs and where we truly excel.

Gutters- We have entire range of gutters with full line of Heavy duty European gutters, seamless round gutters, curved gutters in all materials, colors and sizes.

Skylights-Velux certified installer since 2003. Over 50 skylights on all types of roofs including custom made skylights.

Green Roofing- We offer rain water harvesting and grey water recycling systems. In addition to the water management options we offer Green roofs (also known as Garden Roofs).

Flat Roofs- Full line of products.