Green Building with Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to save your water bill and the environment.  Instead of diverting all the rain that falls on your roof into the nearest storm drain,

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 take the opportunity to channel in into a storage tank for future use.  This water is now "grey water" and after filtration, can be used for an assortment of standard home tasks such as:

  • Watering Plants
  • Washing Clothes
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Other non-potable water uses

The only thing you cannot use grey water for is drinking, as it is no longer sterile.  This however, only rules out the minority of water uses in your home.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency 80-90% of outdoor water usage is put towards irrigation. Why not save the money you use on outdoor water and use the rainwater that has been funneled into the street for all these years?  Because these systems prevent runoff, last for years, support gardening, and save water they are perfect green building projects!

If you're interested in a rainwater harvesting system Call Leska to schedule an appointment or just if you're interested in more information!

Rainwater harvesting system

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Rainwater Harvesting By Englert