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Decks, Railings,

and Screened Porches

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Deck is place to relax and connect with nature. Leska LLC Decking involevement begin for few reasons:

High customer demand and desire for trully well build deck. Leska Personal enjoyment of decks, sleep porches etc. I thing its easy for me to understand clients. Connecting with nature is waht I being doingg my whole life. That means very big line of products to choose from to fit Everybody needs. Gallery bellow represent OUT of Ordinary examples of not every day decks and decking materials used. Please contact us for entire gallery list

From top notch products, no maintenance decking products, all preferably installed with hidden fasteners. Tigerclaw is one of many well recognized brands in this field. We also offer custom made insert screens in multiple configurations and styles to fit any budget. For customers seeking PT deck we use only best lumber like Culpepper wood etc. Liquid epoxy materials

We install and repair all types of decks, including:

  • Wood Decks (Culpepper Lumber)
  • Composite Decks (Fiberon, Azek)
  • Roof Decks (Duradek, Siplast, Kemper)
  • Pool Decks
  • Patio Decks
  • Backyard Decks
  • Screen in mosquito netting and custom screens

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Types of Decking

Exotic Wood


 The major three types of exotic hardwood decking are Ipe, Mahogany, and Cumaru.  All of them are highly fire resistant and, because they are so dense, they will not succumb to insect damage or rot.  Also, because of their natural colors, ranging from a light tan to a deep brown, they will not need staining.





 Composite Decking is a great way to save money while making sure that you get a beautiful, long lasting deck.  Composite decking is entirely rot and insect proof, and some you can even paint!  However, even the ones you can't, will already come with a good-looking color.



Treated Softwood

Pressure Treated DeckingIf you're looking for a economically priced deck, pressure treated decking is the way to go.  It requires regular maintenance, and will rot over a long period of time.  Cedar and Redwood, however, are options that will resist rot much longer than the standard, pressure-treated pine.




aeratisAeraits is a composite decking material, but it's in a league of its own. It can be sanded to a new finish unlike any other synthetic decking material on the market.  In addition to being sandable, it has the highest fire safety rating possible and can be painted repeatedly, another feature that no other composite has.

Wire Mesh Railing


Vinyl Railing


Glass Deck Railing


Stainless Steel Railing

atlantis Rail Systems

Polyurethane Molding and Railing

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Porch Screening System


Vinyl Railing

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Composite Decking

azek colors


Types of Railing

Marine/Stainless Rails

Steel railingAs the name suggests, they're great for wet climates, especially where saltwater is near.  It uses high-grade stainless steel with a fully adjustable tensioning system.





Glass Railing

glass railingThe newest of all the railing options that Leska offers, glass railings give your porch a great sense of security.  They are also offered in tall versions to act as wind screens.





Wire Mesh

wire meshWire Mesh gives a very modern look.  They're becoming more and more common in new buildings, and with good reason: they add a lot to the design.





Composite Rail

compositeThe primary reason that people go with composite railings is that they are near maintenance free: they don't require staining or painting, they never warp, and they can be made to look like real wood.




Polyurethane Railing

polyurethaneThese rails allow for a wide variety of shapes.  It can be anything from smooth rails to ornate molding, making it very popular for historic homes.


Screened Porches

screen porchThere are many different systems that you can use to screen in your porch; the days of creating frame and stapling mesh before installing wood trim to cover the rough edges are long gone.

Enjoy reading and learning about the individaul benefits of each system we offer, but they all have one thing in common: easy, no-tool screen replacement. Replacing damaged screen is a snap! We feel that showing and carrying multiple options is critical; no single system can fit any situation and home.

Our expertise and custom work with each home can help you design and determine which system is best for you.  As installers, we know the nuts and bolts of each system.

Composite Deck Railing


Composite Decking


Compisite Decking




Pergolas and PVC trim


Screening System

fast Track

Low-Profile Screening System

Mini Track