Leska LLC Certified Gerard Metal Roofs Installer.

Gerard Roofing Products are guaranteed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty, 120 mph wind warranty and a 2.5” Hail Stone Warranty. This product can be installed on 2x2 battens and the extra cavity is excelent source for venting hot air out even before it anters the attic space.

All Gerard Roofing Products are Stone Coated metal stamped tiles resembling, Shake, Slate and Tile roofs while being lightweight. Maintain a Class A Fire Rating, meaning Gerard Roofing Products perform well against severe fire exposure as they are non-combustible they will not burn.  Gerard’s method of fastening will not allow lifting and ember entry.

All Gerard roofing profiles have been tested and do sustain the effects of hail. Gerard panels have a Class 4 UL Hail Rating, representing the most resistance of all. Gerard products will not crack from the effects of hail balls of up to 2.5 inches in diameter, this is supported by our 2.5” hail stone warranty.

Gerard Metal Roof