Leska LLC installs RHEINZINK Metal Roofs


RHEINZINK®-Bright Rolled 

Rheinzink Metal Roof 1 The mill finish material for sheet metal work using seaming and soldering techniques.  Since RHEINZINK® is an alloy of natural metals, consisting mostly of zinc; it will weather according to its environment.  When exposed to wetting and drying cycles, the surface will slowly develop a natural patina comprised of zinc carbonate. The patina is a crusty outer layer, which protects the underlying alloy and ensures its long life.  The resulting color is a soft, blue-gray. 


RHEINZINK®-"Pre-weathered pro Graphite-Gray"

Rheinzink Metal Roof 3 RHEINZINK offers a darker variation of the "Pre-weathered Blue-Gray - "Pre-weathered pro Graphite-Gray".  The elegant appearance, along with its multiple design advantages and proven RHENZINK® processing properties are what make RHEINZINK® "Pre-weathered pro Graphite-Gray ideal for building envelopes and accents.


RHEINZINK®-"Pre-weathered pro" Blue-Gray 

Rheinzink Metal Roof 2