Leska LLC also installs Revere Copper

It was over 50 years ago that Revere- the oldest, most respected producer of sheet copper in North America- set out to research and develop the use of sheet copper in exterior architectural applications. As a result of that effort, cold rolled copper has become the dominant material in architectural sheet copper construction.

Through the years, we've combined proven technologies with a flair for innovation and our own stringent standards of quality to become what Revere Copper Products, Inc. is today...the world's leading producer of roofing copper.

To maintain our position, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services. A perfect example is the development of Ultrapan™- the first engineered copper specifically designed to produce exceptional roof panels using portable pan formers. Ultrapan is produced to the exacting standards of ASTM-B370. Combined with Revere's unparalleled quality control procedures, the resulting roof panels have better shape and superior handling characteristics.

We also offer a unique technical support service to assist architects, design engineers and contractors in the proper selection, use and installation of Ultrapan.

Revere Copper