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The Perks of Using a Local Installer


We're a local installer: With our shop very close to Columbia, MD, we can fabricate the template ourselves or provide your contractor with exact directions as to how they should make a proper template. A good template is critical on historic homes, especially those with real plaster walls because the corners(of the room) will not be square and the walls are likely to be bowed and uneven. If your contractor fabricates a template, we can double check the design and correct any mistakes before the actual construction begins.


In addition to matching an uneven wall, we like to coordinate with cabinet makers, general contractors, designers, electricians. and plumbing contractors to verify important details like how the countertop will line up with overhangs, cabinet spacing, or plumbing and electricity access points. Making sure you have all your bases covered with a long-distance fabricator is just about impossible; planning specifics over the phone and sending back and forth designs, measurements, and models will almost always result in a bad fit.


Leska will provide delivery and actual installation. We make sure that everything goes smoothly and gets done right. On one of our recent jobs, we walked a 13' countertop up a very tight stairwell just because it wouldn't fit in the elevator! It's not unlikely that another contractor would try to put together an inferior countertop on-site just because they could get the materials there easily.


In-person meetings are also more helpful with explaining details like staging, mounting porcelain under mount sink with front apron and verifying proper size of sink. Explaining pros and cons of each metal countertop material so owner really can get what they want like for example (Many other fabricators had tried steer designer to top mounted stainless sink).

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