Integrated Solar for Slate Roofs in MD, DC, and VA

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When Leska sees a beutifull slate roof on a historic or even recently built home, it makes us very, very happy. But, do we properly integrate those time tested slate roofs with solar? And even more importantly, do we make them apealing?

We are not your average solar installers. We are craftesman and rather than settling with the status quo, we decided to find a product that fits this niche perfectly.
With this in mind roughly 3 years ago, we found the product and waited, keeping our eyes out until this product became available and tested in the US market.

The general concept is nothing new. Greestone slate, the largest producer of superior slate in US, is manufacturing an envelope system called Nu-lok which uses real slate on elevated battens (a 
ventilation prerequisite for PV solar). With this system, 6" tall solar slates can be seamlessly integrated into your roof.

Yield Chart

We have already done a SunSlate job in Chevy Chase and it's not uncommon for people to mistake it for a synthetic slate roof: that's how easy it blends!

This soalr is also avaliable in 6 colors for even most discrete of customers.
The cost is slightly higher than a standard PV system, but there is no roof required under the soalr as the sunslates are also fully waterproof and work as roofing material!

Please check out the photo galery and you'll be blown away.

Also, as is the Leska norm, it's all under one waranty!!!

SunSlate and Standard Photovoltaic Panels

sunslate vs standard