Englert Solar Sandwich

Thin Film and Crystalline

THin film resized 600Thin film


-Lowest profile- adhere to metal panels at 3/16" thick and will bend with roof if color coordinated

-Comes in 9,5' & 18' lenght

-Produce better at low light and they are flexible.


roughly 50% less wattage for same area.


Crystalline Panels

We carry Solar World, Schott and Mage Solar panels. Wattage of each panel from 230-255 watts. Mono or polycrystaline panels per customer desire.

All panels US made. 25 year performance warranty. Individually tested. Few panels carry current best production. -0+5 and also efficiency.

Pre packaged kits and also fully customizable kits available. Frames in silver or black.


The Solar Roadtrip

Solar 101 and physics behind this technology