Green and Solar Roofing

Solar Roofing

As energy costs continue to rise more homeowners are seeking alternative means to power their homes. Solar panels offer a safe, simple and productive method for producing power, lowering your utility costs while preserving the environment.

Leska Restoration & European Roof Specialist LLC transforms your home into a hybrid system that utilizes both solar energy and the energy from your existing power grid; the optimal way to power your house and cut back on heating and electric bills. It's remarkably simple. During the day solar panels mounted on your roof silently harness the suns bountiful energy supply and convert it into electricity. This energy is used to power the various devices in your home during the day. At night your home reverts back to drawing power from the existing grid.

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What is the biggest advantage to using Leska to install your solar roofing system?

Our warranties are fully applicable to our solar roofing systems. Most roofing companies will void the warranty if solar roofing is installed. Leska proudly stands behind our roofing warranties, even after solar panels are installed.

At Leska Restoration & European Roof Specialist LLC, we'll provide your home with state–of–the–art solar panels and energy solutions as a roofing system. Our talented team of energy experts will provide you with a consultation and decide the optimal solar configuration for your home. We'll install all the necessary roof mounts and panels and also a monitoring system that allows you to see just how much solar energy you're using.

Start saving money and energy, go solar today, call Leska Restoration & European Roof Specialist LLC at 240–207–4155.

Panel Tilt and Orientation

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Solar Areas



The image above shows the theoretical solar yield for the entire US, Spain, and Germany.  Germany is one of the leaders in solar for the entire world and you can see that, as the graph shows, they aren't in the greatest position for catching the sun.  Imagine what you could do with an integrated solar roof!