Green Building with ICF

Building with Insulated Concred Forms is one of the best ways to get a home or addition built quickly and end up with a finished product that has an insulation (R) value far greater than that of an average fiberglass insulated house. 

ICF homes and additions go up quickly with their unique construction process(check out the video on the left).  When building, the frame of the house is put up first and initially it is just insulation coupled with rebar, together they are easy to assemble but do not provide much support.  After the walls are fully assembled and positioned, they are filled with cement --this is where the support comes from--.  After it dries, it is as strong as any other wall and a far superior insulator!  The resulting walls are long lasting, strong, well insulated and created with minimal waste, making an ICF wall a prime example of a green building material.

ICFs are an up and coming technique that is rapidly catching on with environmentally concious homeowners.  If you are considering using insulated concrete forms for your next project please call Leska LLC so we can help guide you throught the process or answer any questions you may have regarding your upcoming project! 

ICF in 10 Minutes