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They provide such nice architectural details and practical outdoor space sheltered from mother nature elements.

From nice shaded place in the middle of summer to perfect palce to sit and read a book. For thise loving outdoor living gazebos or screen in porch is simply must.

At Leska LLC we will design build and install all types of roofing products to make this your signature gazebo. Current trends is to install metal roofs on gazebos so with that in mind here are few images. But if you like slate, tile or any other product like synthetic shake please contact us and we will make it for you

Rockville, MD Gazebo with tapered panels

Rockville Gazebo with Tapered Tiles

Sykesville, MD Gazebos

Sykesville, MD Gazebo Metal Roof

Potomac, MD Large Curved Gazebo

Potomac Large Curved Gazebo Chimney Flashing