Foam Glass Insulation

Foam Glass is produced by the Foamglas Company and could easily be considered the most effective resedential insulating material on the market.  To get an idea of what Foamglas is, imagine a material with the structure of styrofoam but created with glass instead of plastic.  This unique material has a completely closed cell structure meaning that it is impossible for air to pass through and because it is made of a glass like material it is 100% waterproof.  Another feature specific to foamglas is it's resistance to critters such as mice, termites, moths, ants and any other unwelcome pests; foamglas will never be destroyed by pests.


If you are interested in foamglas for your house or business please contact Leska for a free estimate or for answers to any questions you may have.

Commercial Applications for Foamglas

If foamglas can insulate industrial piping, imagine what it can do for your home!