IB PVC Roofing

body imageIB roofing is a single-ply reinforced PVC membrane. IB was developed in Europe, where the post war damages required massive industrial and residential re-building. A durable roofing product was needed that would minimize energy and maintenance costs. In 1978 IB Roof Systems took the original design improved it with the latest technological know-how’s and created the ultimate roofing solution for both residential and commercial/industrial flat roofing market. In fact IB’s formulation has not changed since 1979.

IB Roofing membrane features unique design, incorporation 100% virgin PVC in its formulation as well as ’50/50 equal thicknesses’ Top/Base film laminated to polyester reinforcement scrim (notice that competition’s top film thickness does not exceed 35-40%). Top film and it’s advanced formulation, is what makes IB’s membrane long-lasting, by resisting the destructive powers of U.V. rays as well chemicals and substances that are normally present on flat roofs, and cause the degradation of the roofing material, resulting in costly leaks.

What makes it so strong?

What makes for the best PVC membrane? At the core of this is chemical component. The IB membrane has remained unchanged since its design in 1979; that means the same design is still there. Because Leska’s main focus is on residential projects, we make sure to use the best and most recognized membrane in industry; we use the best products on our customer’s homes. 
If you’ve seen our solar roofing pages, you know that often PV systems and their mounting racks must be attached to a membrane and most PV racking manufactures will only support IB and a few select others because they’re the most reliable, strongest welding, and accepts repairs if ther is a rupture after a few years.

Welding process fuses one membrane onto another and the resulting seam is stronger than the rest of the surface. The chances of a properly welded seam failing on the seam are slim to none because at the weld, the membrane is twice as thick. With new automated welding machines the field precision is insane. 
Unlike TPO, none of the seams ever have to be maintained because the seams will never wick water into themselves.