Advantages of Garden Roofing

Slow water run off

Water DropMany hundreds of gallons are stored inside the tray to provide water to pants between rains. Note that some maintenance is required especially in beginning (e.g. watering, to let the plants establish roots) In also take some time for the rain water to filter through the tray and cushion before it moves to the drainage. 


Reduce heat inside the building



Dirt is a great insulator and also reduces the heat bounce back to atmosphere- to heat up city air. Remember: a lawn is never as hot as an asphalt road, and the same holds true for your roof’s surface....

Prevent Premature failure of all membranes

UV rays and high temperature will cause all membrane to fail significantly faster than one covered with as little as a 1" layer of rock. This discovery has been known for a few decades, but installing rocks are hard labor; its heavy material....
that’s where the lightweight tray comes in handy.

Significant health benefits

healthGarden roofs filter air and are beautiful to look at. It’s a new use of an otherwise unused surface. People will spend time again on rooftops. For many, this can be the only green yard or garden that you can have.

Increase living space

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A garden roof will let you move you living space to your roof, and make it attractive while doing so!  A garden roof is a great place to spend your free time or time with guests; it's unique, attractive, and good for the environment!

Increase home property value

baroquon Add MoneyLike so many home improvement options, it's not money lost; it's money invested.  A green roof will increase the resale value of your home, so you can get back the money you spent on it if you ever need to move.

Contact us with your questions and we will help you design a modern garden roof. Note that Switzerland has a law that all commercial flat roofs must either be a garden roofs or collect its water run off; this model works. You dont need to have Japanese garden roof with pool, but a simple garden roof will have a huge effect. Your birds and butterflies will notice this the first summer it’s up!