Why use a garden roof?

In cities, flat roofs account for over 85% of the total roofing surface. This has multiple effects on the planet: polluted water run off, heat increases, loss of wildlife habitats, and premature failure of roofing membranes are just a few.  However, while these may seem big, a green roof can cut down on each one of them!

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Garden roof system details:


Start with your most important part: the membrane

For most US residential projects commercial grade PVC membrane should be the only choice; this membrane does not require any maintenance and the seams are stronger than the membrane itself because there are overlapped and fused together, so there are two layers at the seam

Next up: the cushion sheet

It’s placed to protect membrane from the direct contact with the plants in the trays, making sure that nothing will puncture it.

Pre packaged local low maintenance plants and grasses

Each tray can be removed and exchanged easily.

Lay walking surface pavers

Pavers are secured and elevated with leveling tracks to keep them a few inches above the PVC membrane. Many systems are available, and some can be used to make a perfectly level surface.

Green Roofing Video using the "intensive" technique