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Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, commonly known as EPDM, is a synthetic flat roofing material known for it's quick installation and budget-friendly price. As a roofing material, the material and process has improved by leaps and bounds ince its invention. Problems once associated with it included seam wicking and self-repulsion(it didn't like to stick to itself). Clever, ingenuitive solutions have come across over the years, allowing EPDM to become a popular roofing material.

EPDM's seams have becom much simpler over the years, once requiring 4 times the labor charges for seaming coupled with a physically tougher and more weather resistant seam.

These innovations have let EPDM's manufacturers offer a 30 year warranty with a 50+ year expected lifespan.

The new generation of EPDM with fleece backing and patented hot melt adhesive technology provides consistent bond strength between the fleece backing and the membrane. This procedure resulted in largely eliminating shrinkage of the product, whilst still allowing it to stretch with the building through the seasons. The fleece improves puncture and tear resistance considerably and .045mm EPDM with a fleece backing is almost twice as strong as .060mm bare EPDM. 


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