As a flat roofing surface

flat seam roofingFlat seam metal roofing involves making interlocking panels which overlap slightly in a brick like pattern.  Once the pre-fabricated panels are overlayed, we hammer them down until they lie flat.  This is why it's crucial to us to use copper: copper is very malleable and will not crack after it's put under a lot of stress.  If a less malleable metal was used, cracks could form which the the following soldering might not catch.

We then solder the seams to make a roof that is flat with not penetrations.  

The finished product is suitable for roofs with pitches lower than 3/12" meaning that this is great for the flattest applications you'll see on a roof!

How It works

flat seam copper


4copperflatseam Custom panels
pattern Individual Panel Anchoring
2copperflatseam Drip Edge 1
3copperflatseam Drip Edge Lip

How it's done