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ScreenEZE Intro

ScreenEZE Installation

2 piecesScreeneze is an excellent porch screening System; it installs quickly and can be removed almost as easily.  With only 3 different pieces, not including the screen, there is little to go wrong.  Leska can install a ScreenEZE porch quickly and you can be enjoy the outdoors with a little more protection than you would normally recieve.  Evenings outside will no longer be buggy: you'll be able to take your work or leisure onto your deck without bug spray!


ScreenEZE Technical Info

ScreenEZE is a minimal system that is designed to work in a variety of configurations.  It can be mounted on the front of a pillar, on the side of one, or even behind it.  The graphic below shows a couple of appropriate configurations and one to avoid.  Notice that the bad configuration has the screen pulling straight out on the vinyl cap instead of the shear force that it is applying in the first two.

Step 3

The two pieces that are used to hold your screen are designed to hold well while making it possible to replace your screen easily if it is ever damaged.

  • Vinyl Cap-  This piece, shown on the left, is what snaps over your screen to hold it tightly tensioned.  It is made of vinyl so that it is flexible and, if your screen is ever damaged, can be removed to replace your screen without installing a new system
  • Aluminum Base Channel- The base channel is attached to the posts with screws.  The strong aluminum channels make for a perfect support for the screen.  With anything near regular use, they will never warp or bend, and because they are aluminum, they will NEVER rust
two technical Pieces

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