About Mini Track

LockupMini Track is a well-designed porch screening system that manages to keep all fasteners entirely hidden; you won't have to worry about screws showing all around the border of your new screened in porch.  This seamless looks is what draws most people in, but it isn't the only thing:
  • NEW... Innovative 2 part system with 100% Hidden Fasteners
  • Unlimited Trim Possibilities perfect for all architectural styles
  • Perfect for higher elevations with interior or exterior installation
  • Ultra low-profile 3/4” x 3/4”channels for great views
  • Extruded aluminum channels come in white or bronze powder coated finishes
Considered by Screen Tight, the manufacturer of Mini Track, to be ultra low profile screening system, along with its completely hidden fasteners is perfect for highscreens and second story applications. MINI Track 3/4" x 3/4" channels and clips work well with any housing style and trend, blending in without obstructions to create a clean, seamless look. MINI Track channels come in 8' & 10' lengths.