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How is Aeratis Superior?

Historic Traditional Designdescribe the image

Whether you are restoring a 150 year old Italianate or building new to match the character and charm from an earlier period, Aeratis is the only product that will give you the look and feel of an authentic traditional porch floor without sacrificing form for function. Don’t compromise the architectural integrity of your home by putting deck boards on the front porch.  Aeratis is perfect for historic renovations

Natural Color & Wood Grain

We offer Aeratis in 3 colors, each of which you would find in nature, and none of them would have a shiny finish or deep, repeating grooves to give them a n artificial look. Learn how to get the look and feel of natural wood with the assurance that comes with an American Disabilities Association (ADA) slip compliant surface. 

describe the imageStronger & More Durable

When homes were built back before 1900, the majority of the timbers used for porch flooring were cut from old world growth. This means that the trees were grown to a ripe old age before being cut and milled. This type growth allowed the wood timbers to be much more dense than the young, quick cut timber we have available on the market today. In an effort to make more profit in less time, mills today harvest wood that is far less dense and rush it from the forest to the lumber yard. Lumber has an important part in today’s building industry. Using lumber for the walking space of your deck is just not one of them. 

Covered & Uncovered Applications

Aeratis Classic and Traditions are engineered for both covered and uncovered applications. The transition between covered and uncovered porches have been tricky in the past. There is a difference in surface temperature and weathering on different parts of the porch throughout the day as the sun passes through the sky. Then when it rains, snows or freezes this poses a completely different challenge to the surface. All of these influences can affect the appearance of your porch. Rest assured, we have you covered. We know all the challenges that having a partially covered and uncovered porch can pose, and we’ve engineered a product that we are happy to stand behind, with our full warranty, for both covered and uncovered applications.

Can be Painted or Left Natural

While Aeratis looks great natural, some people prefer the more traditional look of a painted front porch. That’s why we’ve engineered Aeratis to have an unbeatable 5-A paint adhesion (the highest possible rating).  All of aeratis' ratings are assigned by independent laboratories and paint manufacturers.

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Class “A” Fire Rated

The front porch is vulnerable to fire hazard, and can act as a wick to suck flames in and around your home. The assurance and peace of mind a Class “A” fire rated product can provide is immeasurable especially when it can help to protect your home and loved ones. Find out how Aeratis, the only Class “A” exterior porch flooring product, can benefit you. 

Resistant to Termites & Mold

Aeratis was engineered to resist decay. In ASTM test standard D1413 the product showed no signs of decay at the conclusion of the testing period. With Aeratis, termites won’t dampen your spirits or porch floor for that matter, because on ASTM D3345 Aeratis passed the termite test with the highest rating possible (10).  Not only that, but Aeratis doesn’t provide a food source for mold.

Other PVC porch planks have deep embossing that not only make the  the board look like a child’s play toy, but hold dirt and debris upon which mold will thrive. 

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