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Types of Decking

Exotic Wood


 The major three types of exotic hardwood decking are Ipe, Mahogany, and Cumaru.  All of them are highly fire resistant and, because they are so dense, they will not succumb to insect damage or rot.  Also, because of their natural colors, ranging from a light tan to a deep brown, they will not need staining.





 Composite Decking is a great way to save money while making sure that you get a beautiful, long lasting deck.  Composite decking is entirely rot and insect proof, and some you can even paint!  However, even the ones you can't, will already come with a good-looking color.



Treated Softwood

Pressure Treated DeckingIf you're looking for a economically priced deck, pressure treated decking is the way to go.  It requires regular maintenance, and will rot over a long period of time.  Cedar and Redwood, however, are options that will resist rot much longer than the standard, pressure-treated pine.




aeratisAeraits is a composite decking material, but it's in a league of its own. It can be sanded to a new finish unlike any other synthetic decking material on the market.  In addition to being sandable, it has the highest fire safety rating possible and can be painted repeatedly, another feature that no other composite has.


decking surface picture

The decking surface that you use is perhaps the most important part of your deck.  It decides how it will feel on your feet, how much maintenance you will need, and how your overall deck will look.  There are 4 major options that we offer are Exotic Wood, Composite Decking, Treated Softwood, and Aeratis, a unique company that offers synthetic decking materials that could trick you into thinking they are natural; but with that said, aeratis decks are also the most expensive.

WE will work with you throught the entire process to ensure that you love your deck.  In addition to our attentive customer service, we offer financing on all home improvement projects, and for the first 12 months, it's interest free!

Composite Decking


Composite Decking

azek colors

Synthetic Decking


Compisite Decking