Solar Power From Dawn Solar Systems

Dawn Solar Systems develops solar thermal collectors for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial structures that are built directly underneath an exterior roof or wall. There, they absorb heat from the sun, which is used to offset energy costs while, at the same time, preserving originally designed and intended architectural aesthetics. At the same time, the system cools an attic by sending cooler fluids over the roof. The nearly indestructible renewable energy system becomes an integral part of a building, providing storm resistance, energy security and lower operating costs by replacing fossil fuels and electricity with solar energy. When built into walls of commercial and industrial buildings, the same systems deliver additional energy.

Although the system alone is a solar hot water system, when installed with photovoltaic exterior materials, the system is unique in its ability to provide heating, cooling and electricity from the same exterior space—or combined heat and power systems. Traditional solar collectors do not allow buildings to use solar thermal and electrical energy from the same space. 

Though the system can be ordered in standardized packages, the Dawn Solar System has been designed to allow builders to customize a system for each building’s unique requirements.

Dawn Solar