Solutions on fixing dents in zinc countertop

Solder over the dent with 95/5, a lead-free, solder:

After a layer or two of solder, get FEIN or small mouse sander. 80 just over the solder. Then 120,220, 400,600, and depending on sander's experience, I can be useful to even out the grain around. If you over sand the whole table you'll need 600 and 1500grit, then wipe clean and the surface will have an even sheen.

To Hide the solder and create patina:

Be sure to practice on scrap zinc first!!! Only a solution of full concentration will react immediately, so be careful! If you apply a highly concentrated solution, the patina will develop so strongly that you countertop could be almost entirely black.

A diluted formula is much more forgiving, and with a little bit of time, will take your countertop to the sought-after light grey. Steel wool is an excellent tool to reduce the patina's intensity if you overshoot.

Solution name: Cupric sulphate

This solution will create the patina and give it its green color. I ALWAYS reduce the potency with water in 2 different bowls and and use sea sponge – this is a great way to create a rich, uneven pattern. Just dab each sponge and press Like faux paint. Using a paint brush or folded paper towel are few other ways to create different pattern.

Go wild; it's fun!

A Cupric Sulfate treatment will only create a patina of Zinc Sulfate.  To get a wider range of Zinc cations, as you would find in a natural patina, spill a few drinks on it!  It may sound funny, but spilling some lemonade will get you Zinc Acetate, Spilling a beer will get you Zinc Hydroxide and the list goes on! As you would expect, the wider range of patina chemicals will give you a very wide range of shades.

Very light patina ( This will not perfectly cover a patch):

Lemon juice and beer will also help to draw out a light patina if you just want to get the slight aging on the zinc countertop. For that, I would just wipe the table with the solution (beer or lemon juice) and let it sit. This will make it look like the top was brought from old building. If you like rings or other distress items just leave glasses after you apply lemon juice.

Protect the patina:

Various waxes or even clean poly finishes can be applied, but the point of zinc should be the ever-changing finish, so I would advise owners against using protective layers. If you're looking for an unchanging finish, I would recommend getting a stainless steel countertop.