Design and Details

Finish – The first thing to mention is fully understanding what it will be like to live with zinc countertops. If you are expecting the zinc to be an even color, always polished surface, sinc is not what you are looking for; you should, in that case, contact us about a stainless countertop. Zinc reacts with everything from water to fingerprints to lemon juice. Hopefully, this is what is drawing you to zinc, and will appreciate the ever-changing patterns that occur naturally on the surface.

We can also create artistic finishes to zinc countertops.

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Zinc is also a soft metal that may develop dents and scratches. Again, this is part of the appeal. With the softness and the color patterns, zinc countertops can look like they’ve been around for decades after only a few weeks but will not wear out quickly.

That said, there are a few other things to consider:

Seams – there will likely be a seam or two in your countertop and you can expect at least one if your countertop is longer than 9'5" or if it is more than 42" from the lip of the countertop to the wall. Likewise, if you have an L-shaped countertop, there will be a seam.  What really set Leska apart from pretty much any other zinc companies is that all our seams are will be fully soldered and then polished. This will be slightly more expensive; however, it makes for a fully watertight surface with nearly invisible seams.  If you're looking to be frugal with your new countertop, keep the dimensions within 9'5" by 42". 

describe the imageTo plan for a seam, take a look at your configuration – shapes like an L or a T – will require a seam at the intersection. Long straight sections can be broken up evenly or sometimes we can position the seam to occur near a cutout so it doesn’t appear on the surface.

Sub top Construction – On most of our countertops, we supply a wood sub top on which the zinc is adhered. This sub top will provide support for the zinc countertop. Also, if you need to make sure that your countertop will meet up to your cabinets at a certain height, we can make a thicker subtop to ensure that the countertop is flush.

Pour rails – If you want to add a pour rail for a commercial or home bar, you may consider having us build in a pour rail – a recessed section on which to pour drinks. Just let us know and we will include it in our drawings and estimates.

describe the imageTop Mount vs Under Mount – When you are installing a sink, one thing to consider is how you want it installed.  Your options are a top mount and under mount.  A top mount is the cheaper (in price) option.  Essentially, your sink will be resting on top and will not need extensive, labor intensive welding and soldering. Under mounting the sink will require welding around the perimeter of the sink and additional welding for the supports.

Backsplash and Edge Contours

The area where the countertop meets the wall is another area that you should consider when designing your zinc countertop.  There are 3 main options here: Surface Backsplash, Tile Mosaic, and no backsplash. (all are shown below)

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The important part when designing your countertop is keeping the perimeter in mind.  It's unlikely that your walls are perfectly square and when you put a countertop with a straight edge in, it will only make it more obvious (this is especially important with plaster-walled or historic homes). 

If the edge does not contour with the wall, you'll end up with the situation below:

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