Copper Countertops

How much do metallic kitchen countertops cost?

Copper and Zinc countertops can range in price from $100 - $175 a sq foot! This price variance is dependant on your choice of thickness, design and installation process.

Color & Design opportunities with copper & zinc Kitchen countertops

Copper countertops are well known for their warm brown/orange hue. Over time and with the regular application of a butchers wax or beeswax, they will develop a very rich patina.

Both of these products can be designed into a chosen shape and incorporated into inlaid sinks shaped with trivets and even drain boards.  We also offer color patterns and physical patters for these countertop that are available with the "colors and textures" link on the right

The Durability of Copper Countertops

Copper can last a long time but is a soft metal and is vulnerable to dents and scratches quite easily. This can add to its character or detract from it. It is resistant to minor staining and is an incredible naturally anti microbial material! Untreated copper has an anti microbial surface 30 times greater than that of stainless steel!

Construction & Installation of copper countertops

Copper is relatively soft, so using Leska, a professional installer, will ensure that you get the most beauty, life, and resistance out of your counter or bartop.

The Environment & Your Health

Using salvaged Copper to use for your countertop if you are concerned with their environmental impact is a great option. Metals are rising in price so recycled materials could be the solution for many people interested in a copper countertop. Remember that many older homes have copper & zinc in their kitchens, so contact Leska if you're interested in using a salvaged countertop.  We will restore the countertop before we install it.   However, if you are interested in a custom countertop, we will gladly work with you throughout the process to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for in your new counter/bartop!