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Zinc and Copper Countertops in Maryland

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Zinc countertop image gallery of local jobs in DC, MD, VA. We are local fabricators and instaleld of zinc countertops, range hods, back splasheds and anything zinc related. We specialize in fabricating fully seamless countertops in lenghts over 13' range. Round edges, radius, fully solded edges for farm or drop down sink? No problem. All our seams are fully soldeder and polished. Our lead time is usually 2 weeks maximum incluidng delivery and set up. 

Farmstead Grill, Baltimore, MD

2015flag farmstead grill baltimore md 08 2014 dark stained zinc tops.jpg.thumb

Residential Zinc Countertop in DC

project in 2013residential zinc countertop in dc.jpg.thumb resized 223

Zinc Countertop Sink

project in 2013washington dc zinc countertop

Residental Zinc Countertop


Large Radius Zinc Counterotp

project in 2013large radius zinc countertop.jpg.thumb resized 214

Wrap Around Zinc Bartop

describe the imagewrap around zinc bartop.jpg.thumb resized 214

Zinc Island

project in 2013zinc island.jpg.thumb resized 214

Park Tavern Severna Park

project in 2013zinc top severna park md 09 2014  park tavern.jpg.thumb resized 214

Zinc Countertop in Local Restaurant


Zinc Countertop in DC Restaurant


Residental Zinc Island Countertop