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A Roofing Revolution: Hurricane Tested Tile Roofs!

Posted by Martin Leska on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 23:03 PM


Living the Central East Coast, while we don't have regular natural disasters, we do have serious, intermittent threats.  From tornadoes passing by, severe thunderstorms lurking overhead, and 2011's 100 year snow storm, mother nature is definitely showing us her potential and baring her teeth. Coupled with steadily rising prices, how do you plan to properly protect your precious assets?  How do you protect your home from damages?

At Leska, we work hard to continually be on the cutting edge. Not only do we apply green building techniques in all our projects, but we believe and stand behind entire building envelope systems. 

We would like to introduce you all to our new tile roofing system; Polyset the foam tile adhesive!

Globally, more people choose tile roofs for their homes than any other roofing surface! For our area, the Central East Coast, you may assume that it may not be the best choice for our environment; but in fact, it is an excellent choice! Tile roofs are superior in so many aspects:

  • Tile offers more color options than any other surface
  • It has a wide range of tile profiles and shapes that can fit any style home
  • It's a time tested product going back thousands of years
  • You have 3 materials to choose from
    • Clay - range of colors
    • Concrete - economical
    • Synthetic – lightweight  and up-and-coming
  • Tile is great for energy savings
  • Leska offers tiles that are Leed certified, green products!


In addition to all of these points, tile is resilient from snowy, cold climates all the way to the classic hot dry applications.  Tile has a Class A fire rating and make the tile roof much more hail resistant.


Until recently, tile's Achilles' heel WAS high wind.  But those days are over!  Roofers now have a ushered tile roofs into their wind resistant roof repertoire with Polyset foam, an  ingenious, non-puncturing tile adhesive. 

Tile roofs will now withstand winds in excess of 160mph – That's the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane!


Holywood MD Main house

 Above are plans for a tile roof Leska is installing right now with Polyset!

How do you feel about about class 5  hurricane resistance and 160 MPH  wind warranty? Tile is now resistant to hurricanes as strong as Katrina; it has been put to the test across folorda and the southern gulf coast in addition to independent laboratory testing. All clay and concrete tile roofs  can now be high wind resistant!

As a certified installer with proper training, Leska can now offer full, 100% roof coverage backed by the foam manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years.

As icing on the cake, tile roofs installed with Polyset also have a great R-value!

Polyset reinforces the actual tile in the tile weakest part (i.e. it supports the center of the tile, making the area of each tile the strongest!)  Also, because of how it attaches, Polyfoam does not penetrate the roof at all and everyone knows that a roof without holes cannot leak!  Traditional metal fasteners puncture the roof weakening your second line of defense.

We are exclusively installing Polyset tile roofs in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area and if you are building or designing a home; Polyset is not something you should overlook!


The clip below features an actual lab test of Polyset's holding power through hurricane force winds

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