Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)

A construction project with AAC will be very remeniscent to that of a typical masonry job but in this case looks aren't everything!  While AAC looks just like any other concrete block you might imagine it is harboring some huge differences.  When viewed microscopically as can be seen on the side of the page, millions upon millions of small bubbles become obvious.  These bubbles account for the huge drop in weight and density in AAC compared to that of typical concrete or brick.  As you can see AAC gives you the best of both worlds, the sound structure that concrete has provided for thousands of years and the insulating properties of a new age microengineering.  The advandages of AAC are huge but for ease of reading and in the interest of being direct here are the most important facts about AAC:

  • AAC's superior workability makes it easy to build quickly with great precision all while keeping waste to a minimum
  • Becuase AAC meets all but the most specialized structural and insulative needs, there is little need to deliver any extra materials to the job site saving delivery fees and the cost of those products
  • AAC's high rescource efficency limits waste all the way from the beginning of the construction process through the final installation making it an ideal product for green building
  • AAC's light weight makes it easier to deliver reducing CO2 emmissions

AAC in 10 minutes


A short video from a european company, Ytong, giving you a glimpse into the AAC building process.