History of Martin Leska and Leska LLC

In 1998, Martin Leska moved to the United States from the Czech Republic to follow his passion and pursue his dream as a certified mountain guide and ski instructor. As with other aspects of one's life, change is inevitable and he found himself drawn to creating a business in restoration and remodeling, bringing European craftsmanship, rooted in hundreds of years of tradition, to the United States. This tradition, was something he knew well. Below is a short history of "how it all started."

At a very young age, Martin was introduced to his father’s business of roofing, remodeling, and restoration. He often visited his father’s work sites, delivering lunch with his mother or watching him repair and restore churches in different villages. Throughout the long winters, he and his older brother would help his father prepare miles of custom rolled round gutters and downspouts, solder them into longer lengths and stock them away for summer use. Pre-bending roof hangers, making gutter elbows and conductors, repairing and sorting out tools, or simply organizing were part of his daily activities. In deep Communism even raw materials such as common felt paper nails were not always available, which often forced workers to improvise. It was during this time that Martin began learning how to build his skills in quality craftsmanship along with an ability to problem solve when limited resources were available.

After high school Martin attended a 4-year apprenticeship trade school called SOU Technicka in Frydlant Nad Ostravici. It was here where he learned more about the roofing and construction industry. During his 4 year apprenticeship, he gained multiple skills including interpreting and drawing technical specifications and the basic requirements of structural engineering. He also gained hands on application, in addition to the work he was doing with his Father in the field. It was during this time, at the age of 14, that his father gave him his first independent jobs, which included priming and painting  metal roof on entire home. At the age of sixteen, to even further his skills and abilities, Martin also started to work for his Father's friend , Bob Mrozek prace ve Vyskach.

Today Mrozek's company is one of largest companies in the Czech Republic. Within months of starting with Bob, Martin was given more responsibility with tasks such as installing metal roofs and cell towers platforms on 300" steel chimney stacks and repairing church steeples. It was challenging work to say the least, but Martin was committed to learning this trade. At one point he traveled upwards of 3 hours one-way to get to a job site. Through his schooling and hands-on experience with his Father and Bob Mrozek prace ve Vyskach, Martin graduated his apprenticeship with honors. Working on complex tasks and projects throughout his training helped him understand proper planning, how quality tools make a difference in a finished product, and that working with seasoned, open-minded professionals allows for innovation and rewarding results.

Parallel to Martin's restoration and building experience, he spent much of his free time as an avid climber and skier. He  enjoyed the construction business and the creative side of this, but the idea of living his life being a ski guide and climbing instructor and guide in his early 20's allured him. He decided to take a break from his restoration work and become a certified guide through the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA). This took him to a job in Switzerland as an aspirant guide for the Sector No Limits in Les Marecot. This would change his life for a few years and eventually bring him to the United States

In the Fall of 1998, Martin came to the United States. After exploring, learning much about the culture, and spending some time climbing of course, he got a job as a UIAA certified guide for Exum Mountain Guides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He thoroughly enjoyed this time guiding and climbing, but eventually found himself spending time remodeling friend's houses and doing small restoration jobs. It seemed that wherever he turned, his construction talent out-weighed his climbing/guiding demands.  This ultimately brought him back to his first great love, which started at such a young age; hence the creation of Leska Restoration LLC in the United States.

Martin now lives near Clarksville Maryland. He serves the north-west United States, bringing old-World skills and quality craftsmanship to his clients. Leska Restoration LLC. -- unique lasting materials, character, and excellence.