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What is TRI Certification?

The Tile Roofing Institute (TRI) Installer Certification Program imparts the requisite knowledge and industry standards to roofing contractors who install concrete and clay tile roofs. Launched in 2006, the certification program requires an extensive 2 day seminar and evaluation designed to enhance the knowledge of individuals involved in the construction and installation of tile roofing systems. Lessons are taught by TRI Certified instructors who have attended TRI training and have years of experience in the tile roofing industry.

Why Choose a TRI Certified Installer?

(from the TRI website)

They Are Professionals

TRI-certified roofing tile installers are industry professionals who are up-to-date on roofing standards, practices, and advances in the installation of concrete and clay tile.

Value You Can Count On

When you hire trained installers, you hire skilled craftsmen who provide value for your home-building or homeimprovement dollar. Certified installers are committed to their craft and are more likely to invest in their own continuing education.

Confidence in Your Investment

You’re investing in a low-maintenance, long-lasting roof. Certified installers know how to get the job done right the first time—and on time. Boost your confidence in a job well done by hiring a roofing contractor with TRI-certified installers.

Proven Knowledge

As part of the two-day program TRI certified installers are given access to multiple reference manuals and guides that enhance their training. Certified installers must also pass a 50-question exam to obtain their 2-year certification. Certification equals knowledge.

TRI is the Technical Resource for Tile Roofing

TRI sets the installation guidelines for the industry and works with other regional roofing associations to ensure that standards are followed nationwide.

Industry Support

TRI member companies have access to technical support and the latest news from the roofing industry through the “Members Only” area of the TRI Web site.

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What Do Certified Roofing Installers Learn in the TRI Program?

  • Materials Specifications 
    • Roof Preparation 
      • The tiles offer the primary protection, but what's going on "behind the scenes" is also crucial to the intergrity of your roof.
    • Tile Installation 
      • Withouth the best installation, even the finest materials won't protect your roof.
    • Management of Special Conditions
      • not every roof is the same, and that's exactly what TRI trains installers to deal with.

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