Polyset is a polyeurathane based adhesive designed to be used for installing tile roofs.

Polyset Application HI resized 600

Roofs, by their very nature take full force abuse from the elements whether it be torrential rain, hail, hurricane force winds, and blazing sun.  All roofing surfaces Leska offers can withstand most standard conditions but when risking it against the extremes of nature, Polyset is the solution! 

Traditional mechanical fasteners all puncture the roofing surface making leaks possible.  Polyset, without the need for screws, eliminates the need to install tiles with mechanical fasteners giving your roof another level of security. 

Because Polyset attatches over a wide area, as opposed to the two small points that screws would give you, Polyset will protect your roof from 160mph winds.  That's the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane!

Video: Polyset vs. Hurricane Force Winds