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Some Of Our Local Jobs

A sample of the tile roofs that we've done in the MD, DC, and VA area. (just click an arrow to stop it from scrolling)

polyset buttonFor any homes that may need especially strong roofs, check out our page on Polyset, a unique non-puncturing roofing adhesive, proven to withstand a category 5 hurricane!


Tile Roofing

Leska is a certified TRI (Tile roofing institute trainer & certified installer). My main goal is provide best possible installation on job we install and teach other roofers across entire US how to properly install, maintain and repair & restore tile roofs. Our services also include inspections, consulting and expert witness on jobs gone bad. Leska is also local distributor to few tile manufactures and other tile accessory products for the proper tile installation for DC,MD,VA.

Almost all tile roofs are LEED certified and offer Energy Star rating.

 You can depend on our expert tile roofing services. If there is field I feel that we have trully superior knowledge Tile roof is the field we trully excell.

 Tile materials to choose From:

#1. Clay (longest Used and lasting product . Natural color variation caused by firing process)

#2. Concrete (very economical and affordable)

#3. Synthetic (super light weight, can be installed on trusses designed for asphalt roofs-realistic looking Gibson island job)

Tile Misconceptions


It's easy to worry that tile roofing can be fragile or even brittle, but concrete and clay tile roofs can withstand high wind, rain, earthquakes, fires and even some hail!  If you're looking for a tile that's durable against hail or falling branches, consider syntetic tiles, they have a higher impact rating than almost any other roofing surface around!

Cost benefits

Tile roofs are one of the more cost effective roofing materials around when considering their durability, insulation, and life span.  Tye are installed on battens which allows for air movement between the tiles and your house which cuts down significantly on heat transfer, reducing your heating bill noticalby! 


People sometimes worry that a tile roof will be too heavy.  Most modern buildings are strong enought to support a standard tile roof.  And even older roofs that don't have the same structure, are excellent canidates for synthetic tiles, a far lighter alternative to clay and concrete.