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Synthetic Roofing Gallery

A short gallery highlighting some of our most impressive synthetic roofing jobs!

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Synthetic Shake

Synthetic shingle main type The biggest reason people go with synthetic shakes instead of cedar shakes is their longevity.  In the humid Maryland and Virginia climate, you can expect a cedar roof to only last about 15 years; that's less than an asphalt roof. A synthetic roof can be expected to last 100 years; you'll never need another one!  

Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate main type  Synthetic slate comes into a league of its own when a homeowner wants to replace an asphalt roof with slate. Typically, unless a home has already had a slate roof, there isn't the structural support for a heavy slate roof, but synthetic slate is incredibly light!

Synthetic Tile

Synthetic Tile main type Synthetic Tile 

Synthetic Roofs (Slate, Tile, Cedar Shakes)

synthetic main thoughts imageThere are very few companies in DC, MD, VA with more know how and complex installations than Leska LLC.

Below is our gallery and please take a look what makes us true leader in this category. We are super selective on products we install and we aouthorized distributor for one of the best manufactures n the world. They are so afr the only manufacture of also solid pieces required for valley and rake isnatlaltion without being detected as synthtic product. Also best and most realistic colors are standard.

Looking forward on providing qoute on your next project. We also specialize in Real: Slate, Tile and metal Roofs so If your structure can handle the weight we can definitelly profesionally install the "real thing" also.

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