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Our Slate Mini-Gallery

A quick overview of our slate roofing jobs in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

Slate Roofing Options

Martin Leska  Is certified Slate Roof Installer in Europe  with Richter Pizzaras. We are also member of National Slate Association.

Slate roof installation, repair and restoration is one of our specialties. Please view our Gallery of projects bellow and decide for yourself.

Types of Slate Roofs we Install :

1. Traditional Double Overlap Slate Roofs

double overlap

 The original slate roof: double overlap is what people think of when they imagine slate roofs.  However, it's not always the best choice for modern houses; it's heavy.  Most homes are only designed for shingles, and double overlap slate is likely to be too much weight.  

Notice that in the image to the left, the top of each slate is overlapped twice, hence the name "double overlap".

2. European Single slate overlap including Schuppe style


 Schuppe style slate, along with a couple other european styles, are not used widely in the US, but it's a clever way to get a single overlap system without using the modern hanging systems.  The image to the left shows a left-trending system; Schuppe style can also be done with right-trending slates.



3. Nu-Lok Approved installer

nu Lock

Nu-Lok is a modern slate system that makes a few improvements to the traditional systems.  It's entirely walkable, meaning that, unlike traditional syles, bodyweight on a tile will not crack it.  Also, Nu-Lok is installed on a counterbatten system that allow ventilation below your roof.  The air flow below the roof will let the hot air escape before it heats up your home. 

4. TruSlate Certified Installer.

tru slate

This system makes repairs a breeze!  Relying on spring-tempered hooks hanging from battens, TruSlate will have much fewer penetrations than a standard roof, adding another line of defense from the elements.  Like Nu-Lok, it's a single overlap system, so it can be used on roofs that are designed for shingles.


5. Synthetic Slate Roofs (Local distributor and Installer)

synthetic slate

 Synthetic slate is a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to quarried slates.  It's lifespan is not as long as a real slate roof's would be, but synthetic slate still out-preforms an asphalt roof or cedar shake roof.  For synthetic slate roofs, we use DaVinci.



There are links bellow "Our project gallery" with more details like pictures, colors, system specifications.... etc.

Leska and Slate


slate and leska2We at Leska respect the precision work that slate requires and the amazing potential of a slate roof.  Because of this, we make sure to keep our slate standards top tier.  Before we start any work, we will do a complete inspection, photograph all problem areas, and explain -in plain terms- all of the required work.  

When it comes to doing the repair, relayment, or installing a new roof, we always use the appropriate species, i.e., if it's a repair, we match the rest of your roof; and in the case of a new roof, we match the slates to exactly what you want.  

Most roofs run into problem, not with the slates, but with all of the detail work around them; your roof will not have that problem with us.  We completely and properly flash any and all penetrations with copper, no exceptions.  As a matter of fact, when it comes to materials, we do all of our flashing AND nailing with copper.

When installing a new slate roof, we follow the National Slate Association manual to the T; and, as per the same guidelines, we increase the headlap (distance of overlap with the superseding slate) as the slope of the roof decreases, a step that non-qualified roofers will skip to save time and materials.  

leska and slate

With any slate roof, it is popular to both add snowguards and to blend multiple slate colors.  When we build a new roof, we make sure that if we are blending colors, we space them well so that your roof does not assume a patchy appearance.  Snowguards, although they make for a nice accent to a roof, should also be viewed technically.  Retrofitting snowguards limits each snowguard to hanging on a single nail; with a moderate snow-slide the snowguard and slate could rip off.  For this reason, Leska encourages installing snowguards on any new roof, when it's possible to hang snowguards and retain their full strength.

Frequently Asked


What prices should I expect?

Pricing on a slate roof is difficult to give generally, mostly because there are so many different species.  We can, however, give you a near-fixed rate for repairs:

  • For up to 5 slates, it is $300
  • For each slate over 5, it is an additional $55 per slate
  • For large repair jobs and new roofs, expect big savings!
Keep in mind, for all of our repairs, we take the time to find slates that match in quality and color, so that you don't have a few spots on your roof that stand out.

How long does a slate roof last?

Once again, this depends primarily on the species of slate.  The lowest quality of slate is Bangor Slate (commonly called Builder's Grade) and can be expected to last a maximum of 80 years.  The majority of slates that are used in the US are high-quality and quarried in New England.  We like to use Greenstone Slates on most of our roofs.  There is also a species of slate quarried locally, in Buckingham, Virgia, that will easily las 300 years!

Warranty Info?

Any Leska repairs are warrantied for 5 years from the date of the repair and only applies to the repaired areas.  Because new roofs are all of our work, we offer a 10 year warranty from the install date.