A view of solar water skylights

must have roof

The best part of this hot water collector is that skylights are part of any roofing style and with a name like Velux you can't go wrong. There is a custom, time tested flashing kit that comes with each skylight ensuring that each skylight will be perfectly flashed. Plus, it will not look like solar tubes; they will be cleverly disguised as beautiful skylights. In many cases, we can match real skylights with solar hot water collectors on roof giving you skylights and a great way to get solar hot water! (i.e. lets say you have 4 skylight on roof with 2 as actual skylights and 2 hot water collectors; it will look greta from outside & inside!)  Hot water collectors have very fast payback; much fatser than PV solar systems.

W offer systems for any and every home, each with multiple sizes to fit your needs and to work with any existing hot water unit!

Solar Water Savings Estimator

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A Solar Hot Water Overview

Panel Sizing

sizing of velux hot water heaters resized 600

How do they look on the roof?

As you can see, the solar hot water heaters and the sunlights look shockingly similar (from the ground they're almost insdistinguishable)!  This, along with their early breakeven point make them a popular choice for green-building, style-concious homeowners.

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