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Maryland metal roofing

MD, VA, and DC Metal Roof Gallery

A quick overview of a range of the jobs that we have completed in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area. For a more in-depth look at our projects, follow the links to our gallery page.


Metal Roof Types

Metal Shingle/Slate

oxford shingle

Metal shingles and slates make for a sleek and modern look while giving you a practical, long-lasting, cost-effective roof.  We offer Metal Shingles and slates from Classic Metal Roofing: Oxford Shingle and Country Manor Shake




Metal Tile

stone coated metal tile

Metal tiles are a good option if your roof isn't designed to withstand the weight of typical tiles but you still want the look. The image to the left features Gerard Stone coated tiles, but we also offer non-coated metal tiles that have a smooth, matte finish.




Metal Shake

rustic shingle

The biggest downside to cedar shakes is their resistance to the elements.  After 10 or 15 years, a cedar shake roof will need replacing; A metal shake roof will last MUCH longer and still looks very attractive; from a distance, you might not even notice the difference!  For our metal Shake roofs, here's our Classic page.



Copper Standing Seam

copper roofing

Copper falls under the category of what roofers consider "natural metals."  This means that the exposed roofing surface is the primary material that the roof is made of (i.e. if you have a copper roof, your roof is made of copper; not metal with paint protecting it from the elements.  Over time, Copper will develop a patina that will constantly change, giving you a one-of-a-kind roof.


Metal Standing Seam

red metal roof for metal pageMetal Standing seam roofing is the traditional metal roof.  Despite its long history of use, its popularity hasn't wavered a bit.  With a rustic feel and it's near water-tight construction, it is a popular choice for many homeowners.  Paint warranties on standing seam metal roofs from leska are 35 years, double the life span of an ashpalt roof.


Stone Coated Metal

CIMG4000Installed on a counter-batten system, stone coated metal is great for roofs that are slightly uneven. The counter-batten system also makes it very easy for air to flow under the tiles, helping to keep your home cooler.  In addition to it's constructional advantages, homeowners will enjoy the quick construction and the competitive pricing.

Metal Roofing by

Leska LLC

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At Leska, we like to pair people with the most appropriate roofs for their home and lifestyle.  For centuries people have used metal roofs as the solution to complex roof areas, low slope applications, and as accent pieces.

Metal roofs are near maintenance free: the only required maintenance is painting after the factory applied paint fades, and the the paint finish warranty is 35 years!

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Metal Roofing is perfect for low-slope roofs.  They can handle roof slopes as low as 1/12, that's a one inch drop in height per horizontal foot! 

There are historic homes around today with metal roofs that have been on the home for 200 years and remain in good condition.  The reason these roofs last as long as they do is because of the attention that was paid to the details.  This practice has wavered in recent years, leading to roofs developing leaks that could be easily prevented; we do it right.

We dont use commercial detail relying on butyl tape, zflashing, and hidden counter flashing. We still use good-old European hand-made double standing seam panels. Commercial details relying on Bytyl tape and caulk around penetrations last only as long as caulk will last, and given new VOC compliances, the butyl is not even what it used to be 3 years ago.

We pay attention to every detail. We have always used hand-made double standing seam techniques around all penetrations. This is the BIGGEST difference and also the most important one.

We take the time and care needed to get the job done right; you can rest easy, knowing that your roof will last for the rest of your life.


Virtual Home Remodeling

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Frequently Asked Questions


A metal roof will not increase the likelihood of lightning striking your home. However, if your home were hit by lightning, your metal roof would disperse the energy safely throughout the structure. Since metal roofing isn't combustible or flammable, it's a low risk and desirable roofing option where severe weather is concerned, especially for lightning.



A common misconception is that a metal roof will be noisier than other types of roofing. When installed with solid sheathing, a metal roof on your home will actually silence noise from rain, hail and bad weather, many times much better than other roofing materials.



Today's metal roofing systems are built to last. Steel metal roofing has a "metallic coating" made of either zinc or a combination of zinc and aluminum. This metallic coating prevents rust from forming and is bonded to the steel at the factory. Paint is then applied over the metallic coating to provide the long-lasting color homeowners desire



In most cases, a metal roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather like hail, high winds, and heavy snow. Today's systems also have a 150-mph wind rating (equal to an F2 tornado), meaning your metal roof is also safe from wind gusts that can accompany hail storms.



Many people think you can't (or shouldn't) walk on a metal roof, but the truth is that you can safely walk any metal roof without damaging it. Before you walk your roof, however, we recommend you talk to your installed or roof manufacturer first. They will have the details on how to walk the particular roof you have, based on the style you chose and your roof pitch.


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