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Acoustiblock is a super-efficient and environmentally friendly soundproofing material used throught the world in applications that require serious noise control. 

A wall insulated with Acoustiblock has the sound-stopping abilities equal to 12 inches of solid concrete!

It's a thin (1/8 inch) material that installs behind the drywall, that, unlike other materials, doesn't try to mask the sound but instead takes that sound energy and converts it to unnoticable vibrations in it's rubbery membrane.

STC Ratings by material

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a rating of how well a material will dampen airborne sound.  Below, we have ratings of Acoustiblock and other common building materials.


STC Rating

Acoustiblock under drywall 52
Acoustiblock alone 32
2x4 Gypsum Stud Wall 35
12 inch Solid Concrete 51
2 layers of drywall and fiberglass 44

The Acoustiblock under drywall beats all of the usual wall systems, and even some of the most unusual walls!  If you need to keep a room or your entire house quiet, Acoustiblock is the way to go!

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Acoustiblock vs Jackhammer

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