A home addition can be an easy and inexpensive way to increase your living space and improve your quality of life! Whether your family is growing or you'd like to boost the resale value of your house by remodeling, we can help. Our contractors have a wealth of experience providing quality service to homeowners in your area and have extensive knowledge in building everything from entertainment rooms to kitchens.

In addition to providing a free estimate, our skilled contractors will help you along in every step of the process by:

  • Obtaining Building Permits
  • Providing Ideas and Designs for Development
  • Adding Detail to Your Existing Plans
  • Executing Your Directions to the Letter

You would be amazed at how much easier life can be with a little extra space added to your home, so call today for a free estimate!

2 story addition 12x18 in 6 weeks

almost perfectly executed adition in 6 weeks... How is this possible? =Great team and pre planning.

Leska had build temporary 2 walls to cutt off the addition from the rest of the home. Large 12' opening was created in double structural wall. New 2x6 exterior walls was framed. Roxul insulation was used to achieve fire proof and more longer lasting insulation. Jeldwen windows were installed. Leska had re created same windows trims as was used in 1920 to let the addition blend seamlesly.

James Hardi siding was used with extensive Azek trims.

Standing seam Black Metal Roof was installed over 2 shed roofs.

Energy efficient units:

Roxul Insulation

Mitsubishi A/C above window unit.

Low flow toilet.