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Slate Roofing
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 At Leska, we offer slate repair, regular maintenance, and new installs of 7 different slate systems with natural and synthetic slate. Call for a free estimate.


zinc countertop
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 As one of the most popular restaurant and residental countertops, we are proud to locally fabricate and install zinc, copper, and stainless steel counterops with fully welded seams.


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 The quality of a synthetic roof is very dependant on the manufacturer. For this reason alone, we carry and install only from 4 manufacturers. For other imitations, check out our stamped steel and aluminum roofs.


Tile Roofing
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 With metal, cement, clay, and stone-coated tiles, we install all types of tile roofs from any of our 11 suppliers. Concrete and clay tiles are also available with wind-proof installation.


european flashing


With Leska's expertly done european flashing, there will be no caulked seams, notched panels, or butyl taped panels, all of which will cause leaks in the long run.

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 We're certified with Versico for TPO, PVC, and EPDM and with IB Roof, manufacturers of (by far) the best PVC membrane around. All of our flat roofs can be integrated with solar racks that are rated for winds of 130MPH.


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About Leska LLC

Leska LLC  is implementing an Old World philosophy on each project which is understanding & interconnection of all trades. This skill is essential  to us in order to properly work on any project.

Some highlights from our work include:

  • Englert inc- Metal Roofing "Outstanding Achievement Award 2011, 2010, 2009"
  • Over 11 years of implementing old-World craftsmanship in the U.S.
  • Certification in over 30 specialty product (Slate, Tile, Metal Roofs, Flat roofs, Green Roofs, Solar Products, Skylights, Stucco, Siding)
  • European certifications for slate and tile roof installations
  • Owner, Martin Leska, is one of handful "certified trainers" in the U.S. for the Tile Roofing Institute with mission to educate and train other roofers about Proper tile roof installation
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